Dominion Production Company, LLC was formed in 2008 to focus primarily on oil and gas exploration in the United States, both onshore and offshore.  Dominion focuses on existing oil and gas plays that offer both existing production and the opportunity for improved oil recovery (IOR) or enhanced oil recovery (EOR)  through secondary or tertiary production utilizing water, steam or polymer injection.

While theoretically there may be fewer large bodies of oil still remaining to be discovered in North America, excluding the ultra deep waters, there are attractive opportunities to redevelop existing older fields with shut-in wells and unrecovered reserves, with support facilities in place where significant oil and gas reserves were left behind by previous operators. Oil and Gas fields are taken out of production for many and varying reasons; depressed prices, depletion of structure, less effective, older extraction technology and human conflicts or problems, politics or mortality.  Dominion and its partners look to revitalize these plays utilizing secondary or tertiary recovery methods from water injection to polymer flood.  Using modern exploration tools and careful play selection Dominion believes that significant value can be built utilizing our approach.  Currently the company is active in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. 

Dominion Production Company, LLC operates wells both onshore and offshore the continental USA.  Dominion operates in excess of 170 Wells and is registered as a licensed operator in 3 states.

Dominion Production Company, LLC is also involved through a partner in downhole pump technology which takes the produced water from an oil or gas formation and seperates the hydrocarbons and water underground before re-injecting the salt water brine into a disposal zone either above or below the production interval.  The fact that the produced water never comes to the surface has tremendous environmental appeal.  We continue to help develop this technology.